Delta Kit

Remotely monitoring practically anything you can imagine has never been that easy. The Octanis Delta Kit provides you with environmental sensors, inertial measurement unit, GPS receiver, bluetooth and LoRa connectivity - all managed by an ultra-low power MSP432 microprocessor and powered by just two AAA batteries. And it is entirely open-source, customizable and extendable!

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About the Delta Kit

Over the past few months, we have brought our main control board of the Octanis 1 Rover to perfection. Now we want to go beyond this application and let everybody use it for their own purposes. Be it your bicycle tracking system or the monitoring of the climate on your wineyard - the possibilities are endless. You can even extend the sensing and communication capabilities of the Delta Kit by adding your specific sensors and radio modules.

Because we know that getting into all the details of the software code is very time consuming, we designed two usage scenarios: For the users that want to get started immediately, there is a set of basic commands that can be sent via the bluetooth interface. You could for example set a threshold for the humidity measurement in your wine cellar and send an alert message if it is too high. Find all the currently implemented commands on our Wiki

For the more experienced programmer, you may download our source code from Github and adapt it fully to your purposes. You will need a JTAG programmer (for example from an MSP432 launchpad) to flash the code onto the microcontroller of the Delta Kit. See here how to set everything up to get you started.

All in a box.

Sensors, Controllers and Long Range Communications on one board.

Specialised devices on one tiny board form the Octanis 1 Rovers main computer. This little powerhouse can now also be used for your dedicated connected sensing application. Designed to consume very little power, this board can be running standalone on two AAA batteries. Move your mouse over the picture to get more information about the available sensors and modules (some are hidden on the back).

15km Long Range Wireless (LoRaWAN module on back)
Bluetooth connectivity (BLE module on back)
GPS reception (u-blox module on back)
Inertial Measurement Unit (Accelerometer, Gyro, Compass)
Environmental Sensor (Temperature, Pressure, Humidity)
3.3V DC-DC converter
All powered by 2 AAA batteries
60x GPIO for Peripherals
TI MSP432, ARM Cortex M4F Microcontroller running TI-RTOS
On/Off switch

Bluetooth connectivity

To get you started as fast as possible for your indoor sensing project, just pair the Delta Kit with your phone via BLE.

GPS reception

The NEO-6 GPS module from u-blox gives you steady information on the position of your Delta Kit. Very useful for moving sensor platforms!


More and more LoRa gateways are getting installed all over the world! Easily connect the Delta Kit to basestations from The Things Network, or set up your private access point.