Octanis Racks

Students can use the EPFL rack for free! Get an account today to use the rack at MED 3 2215 or Microverse.

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About the Octanis Racks

All inclusive.

Rapid prototyping, electronics and design thinking.

Our goal is to make prototyping tools less intimidating and more accessible to everyone. Octanis Racks are the ideal platform for tools and prototyping devices, allowing fully automated access control to tools. One rack contains up to eight computer controlled and lockable compartments. Foldout tables offer a convenient work surface.

Using the Racks.

Reserve online, use in real life.

Access to tools in the rack is managed by an onboard computer connected to the Octanis rack management system. For tools not requiring prior instruction, booking is simple: Select the tool and specify how long you'll use it for. That's it!