Octanis 1: New Rover Prototype Ready for Tests on Morteratsch Glacier

Posted by Sam on July 27, 2015.

We've been in our lab the past few months working on a new prototype of the rover. Finally today, we are on our way to the famous "Morteratsch" glacier in the Swiss Alps. We will conduct some driving tests and do first measurements of our solar panels.

The following is a list of changes in this prototype, compared to the previous one we tested in Sweden:

- New solar panels covering most of the rovers body
- New motors, kindly sponsored by Maxon.
- Larger body: 32cm x 32cm x 15cm
- Longer struts and larger wheels: Total distance from body axle to wheel rim: 27cm.
- New wheels with built-in suspension to reduce shock to gearbox. Printed in weather resistant ABS.
- New electronics board with more sensors and more processing power! (ARM Cortex M4)
- New software controlling the rovers systems: TI-RTOS
- Major progress on our EPS (Power Subsystem), new PCBs to be ordered in the coming weeks.
- New parachutes for the future Octanis 2 mission. More information on the Octanis 2 mission will follow in the next weeks. Stay tuned!

As always, all our produced work is open and accessible to anyone. Check out our GitHub repositories: