Octanis 1: Presentation at MIT and EPFL

Posted by Raffael on November 03, 2015.

Last Friday, we had the incredible opportunity to present the Octanis 1 mission during the Systems Engineering lecture given by Prof. Olivier L. de Weck to MIT and EPFL students. The presentation included a brief introduction to the mission and how we iteratively get from prototype to prototype. As the focus of this class is Systems Engineering, with the traditionnal V-model as the key concept, these aspects were particularly emphasized. We talked about a few examples that showed the challenges as a Systems Engineer and why we are doing some things differently than for instance in space industry.

As we were looking for a field scientist at that moment, we seized the opportunity to promote our call for applications - and despite the very short deadline of just one day, we are very happy to have some candidates from that class.

The 30 minutes presentation was followed by a short Q & A.