Octanis Microverse

Are you looking for your own private space to develop your project? We can provide you a bench and access to machines and tools in a friendly and inclusive environment.


Microverse: the prototyping universe

Come for the tools, stay for the community!

Octanis Microverse is a safe and independent space, in which projects can progress and chaos is permitted. Residents can mingle, play, fail, succeed, learn from others, and advance their projects in an open environment which is detached from their “day job”. Small projects can be stored in project boxes for free while larger set-ups require renting a project bench (see below).

A selection of advanced prototyping tools are available as self-service*:

* Use of advanced tools like laser cutter, CNC or resin printer is subject to special conditions (security training, hourly fee).

Your private project bench

For projects that grew bigger than a shoebox

When we started Octanis 1, the rover that went to Antarctica, we learned first-hand how important it is to have a dedicated work bench for ambitious long-term projects. But what made the biggest difference, what really accelerated the development x10, was the fact that we built this rover in a shared space embedded in a creative community. Apart from inspiration, it gave us visibility and the necessary pressure to move forward and never stand still! And we met brilliant people along the way who helped us tremendously within their own field of experience.

We also know that most co-working spaces are run as a business and quickly become un-affordable to makers, students, or someone trying to bootstrap their start-up. This is why we are renting out these project benches at an absolute minimum price while still offering everything you need: Your personal work surface and storage shelf, free WIFI, shared coffee machine and cooking facilities as well as access to all tools at Microverse.

Workshops and other events are regularly hosted at Microverse, most prominently the Makers Night every Tuesday allowing you to engage with a broader audience. You may also host your own events which we will gladly help you promote!

Get yours now

How to get here

Address: Chemin du Croset 9, 1024 Ecublens
Walk to the backside of Denner and use Entrée C. You will find us on the 4th floor!

Public Transport:
The closest metro station is m1 Crochy, from where it is an 8 minutes walk in the direction of the "Centre Commercial".

Bus 33 drops you right next to the building at the stop "Place de Sport".

Car or Bike:
Parking is sufficiently available at the Centre Commercial.


The space is open during Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 9:00 - 17:00 and Fridays 9:00 - 11:00.
24/7 access requires a physical key, available for 20 CHF/month, subject to availability.


  • Common benches Free
  • Electronics tools 1 Fr./h
  • 3D printing (filament) 1 Fr./h
  • 3D printing (resin) 9 Fr./h
  • Laser cutting 16 Fr./h
  • CNC milling 14 Fr./h
  • Hand & Power tools 1 Fr./h

Pay as you go


  • Private bench with storage
  • Coffee Free
  • Common benches Free
  • All tools see "Orbiter"

119.-/Month (50% for association members)