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We know that starting off with nothing in your hands is super hard. Octanis members therefore get immediate access to beginner-level tutorials related to the tools, hardware and software we regularly use in our projects. As a member, you are free to choose what skills you want to learn next and you can keep track of your learning progress over time. We want our members to stand on their own feet as early as possible.

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Regular meetings, sponsored team outing once per year and many benefits.

We believe we have a unique way of working together. It's almost like a game: You do something, show it to everyone online and get instant feedback. This tight feedback loop has given members an enormous amount of satisfaction and permits fast iteration cycles. Every project we do is for the greater good, targeting a crazy goal or both - and any revenue is reinvested in members projects according to a fair scheme.

Johannes and Quentin soldering their prototypes, Sam setting up the reservation system screen.

Members have obligations.

We all follow a Code of Conduct and agree to participate regularly.

Nobody cares for sleeping projects at Octanis. Members leading projects understand that a fast pace is necessary to keep momentum and interest up. Our rule of thumb: If a project hasn't had substantial progress after 18 months, we put it on the shelf for another day.

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Ambitious projects require a lot of equipment.

Resident members can use everything from 3D printing to electronics and mechanics tools.

Electronics parts, chips, GSM modules, GPS breakouts, etc.
Our 3D printer is hiding inside this makeshift insulation box.
Reflow soldering equipment
Launchpads, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis and other exotic hardware for prototyping your next big thing.
Common computer mostly used to control the 3D printer. Ubuntu and Windows 7.
Foams, Glues, Resins, Oils
Solar cells
"Wall of Shame" for failed electronics.
Project box for each members area of work.
Soldering iron, power supplies, multimeters, an oscilloscope and a logic analyser.
Space tape et al.
Saws, drills, calipers, plyers, etc.
More random electronics.
More non-random electronics inside ;)

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